SEPA GROUP: from global to… local!

We are very proud of our international dimension, as testified by some of our latest posts, such as the one about the floor  we made for the last UEFA Futsal Championship  or the post about our wonderful Nissan Logo Mold. Nevertheless we are aware about the importance of the local territory and its sustainability instances. In this perspective we have made for the store Emporio da Mina a practical and elegant shelf unit, derived from our great experience in shop and supermarket customized furnitures. This is a Made in Poirino product!

Cutting with Homag

A huge cutting with our BAZ_Homag cnc machine to make a table respresenting our client logo for a fair event. Made with particle boards, it’s easy to be mounted thanks to keku joints.  This product is well-finished and with low cost, thanks also to the use of an edge band to insert, which fit perfectly for complex outlines.